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We have developed ejcseminars.eu as a registration tool for journalists wishing to attend high-quality information briefings about a wide range of European affairs.

This site features up-to-date news about upcoming seminars organised by the European Journalism Centre and allows you to:

  • create your personal profile on-line
  • sign-up for latest briefing opportunities

Upcoming events

New events to be announced soon.

The 4th edition of the European Small and Mid-Cap Awards will be presented by the EuropeanIssuers, the Federation of the European Securities Exchanges and the European Commission on…

The European Journalism Centre is accepting applications for the Global Health Journalism Grant Programme for Germany! Over the coming 18 months, we will award 16 stipends to freelance…

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Journalists' comments

Enric Tomas - La Vanguardia (on-line edition) - Spain :

"Sometimes, we also use the word EU a lot but we actually do not know how deep it is and what things it does. Any EJC seminar is a good moment to make an approach to this political project which it so important for our lives."

Sylvain Drapeau - TVA-LCN - Canada :


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