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We have developed ejcseminars.eu as a registration tool for journalists wishing to attend high-quality information briefings about a wide range of European affairs.

This site features up-to-date news about upcoming seminars organised by the European Journalism Centre and allows you to:

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The European Journalism Centre, in co-operation with the European Commission's DG Trade, invites 20 journalists from the EU28 to take stock of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment…

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Journalists' comments

Sylvain Drapeau - TVA-LCN - Canada :

"La visite des institutions, parlement, centre des médias, OTAN, demeurent des moments forts qu'il faut conserver. Et je sais maintenant qu'on peut avoir accès à des images, à des intervenants précis à n'importe quel moment avec une facilité étonnante. Tout cela sans compter l'ajout de nombreuses nouvelles coordonnées dans notre carnet d'adresses. Évidemment, il faut aimer la politique... Une expérience que je ne regrette aucunement. "

Roman Gutkowski - Polskapresse - Poland :

"It was an excellent occasion for me to meet others high-level officials from EU Member States and international organisations. I wrote an article about climate change on my newspaper Polska. It was also helpful to get accurate sources of information. Last but not least, it's always very useful to meet and establish contacts with other colleagues from other European countries."

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